• Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairs
  • Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairs
  • Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairs

  • Reports according to OEM standards
  • Components tested under varying loads speed and pressure
  • Test certificates with visual graphics
  • Cylinders: 200 litre per minute, 400bar
  • Pumps and motors: 300 litre per minute, 400 bar (operating pressure rating and flow control)
  • Gear
  • Valve
  • Piston – single and multi stage


Our philosophy on the pump section is:
"if it has hydraulic oil in it, Genesis Hydraulics can rebuild it."


Genesis Hydraulics has the in-house capability and technical knowhow to rebuild and test all makes of geared, piston, cartridge and van pumps and motors.


Advanced rebuilding techniques and testing give Genesis Hydraulics capabilities unmatched in the industry. These capabilities, acquired over many years, make it possible to save our customers critical down time and keep our prices competitive.


To further ensure quality rebuilds each and every component is fully tested to OEM specifications before leaving our premises on our fully automated test bench. This purpose built test bench is located in a dust free room and is utilised for testing closed and open loop pumps. On completion to test the system generates an automatic, tamper proof, printed certificate. This certificate is stored in the computer and can be printed or emailed to the customer after testing to advice on the status of the pump.


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